North Richmond Community Health

An overview of North Richmond Community Health's project.

What is the project?

North Richmond Community Health acknowledges that health care organisations must be more responsive to the needs of patients and not just deliver predetermined services. The conference they are planning will help share the health care experiences of the area’s diverse community with health care professionals. This will provide a different perspective on service delivery.

Demos Krouskos, CEO of North Richmond Community Health said "Health Issues Centre’s support and insight will be invaluable in our efforts to improve consumer outcomes and help change consumer health care practices. We're looking forward to promoting innovative practices and a new inclusive, responsive and integrated care approach."

Consumer and carer representatives on the project working group will assist and lead the direction of the project. The project will support and involve consumers as presenters, as project leaders and as participants in multimedia stories.

Danny Vadasz, CEO of Health Issues Centre, said that “North Richmond Community Health is setting an example of how health services can include members of the community in major planning. Their ‘Conversations about Care’ conference will weave consumer experiences throughout the agenda.”

What stage is the project at?

In September, Health Issues Centre staff delivered a presentation to North Richmond Community Health is part of our in-kind contribution of staff time and involvement.

The presentation was prepared for the staff at North Richmond Community Health and was attended by dentists, nurses, educators, and volunteer staff. The purpose of the day was to assist health service staff when working with consumers to share their lived experiences. It was well received by both clinicians and non-clinicians.

North Richmond Community Health said that “Health Issue Centre’s expertise will help inform our interviews with consumers. The insights will not only be shared at our conference, but will also go on to inform our practices as an organisation.”

Registrations for the 'Conversations about Care' conference are now open. 

You can find out more information by clicking this link.

For more information

Please contact Health Issues Centre or call (03) 8676 9050.

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