Co-production for Health and Community Services

Consumers are becoming more and more involved in co-design and co-production projects across the health and community sector in Victoria. However, for this to work effectively, it is important that the staff of health and community services and organisations are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to work in collaboration with consumers and community members.

Health Issues Centre is offering a one-day workshop on co-production for health and community services, not-for-profits, condition specific organisations and local government.

What is covered: definitions, benefits and principles of co-production, tools for co-designing projects, do's and don'ts of co-production, how to develop and implement co-production projects, how to monitor and evaluate co-production projects. 

This workshop is for: team leaders, executive and middle level managers, project managers, clinical and non-clinical staff.

Handouts are provided. Lunch is also provided.

This training is also available for groups of more than 10 participants at your health and community service location. The group session is costed as a group fee plus travel costs.  

For more information about this workshop or group sessions, please contact:

Dr Tere Dawson

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