Patient centred care training

Since 2013 we have been offering patient and family centred care training tailored to the specific needs of health services and health care organisations.

Why do this training?

Providing patient centred care is now widely accepted as core business for health services.

Through our training, we enable staff to develop a solid understanding of the principles of patient centred care. We believe that targeted education which redefines this key concept and contextualizes it for staff leads to ongoing improvements in the provision of patient centred care.

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How do we deliver this training?

We do this through the two-pronged approach of narrative and evidence in order to make both a heart and mind connection about why this is important and how it relates to daily work.

We rely on the consumer perspective as a unique way of approaching patient centred care and its relevance to everyday practice. The sessions are interactive, often requiring individuals to write and reflect on clinical practice as well as small group work by staff. 

Who have we trained?

We have trained over 3500 staff since 2013. Recently, this has included:

  • Cabrini Health
  • North Richmond Community Health
  • Djerriwarrh Health Services
  • Inner Northwest Melbourne PHN

Why come to us for this training?

Timboon & District Health Service

‘This was one of the most appropriate sessions I have been involved in in a long time.’

‘An amazing strong, warm presenter with a real story that impacted.'

I liked the way [the presenter] kept asking us to reflect on our own practice as well as the health service generally.’ 

Djerriwarrh District Health Service

'Inspiring speaker who kept the session relevant to both patient centred care and our health service, excellent session.'

'Excellent! It exceeded my expectations (They were pretty low!) – fabulous, meaningful presentation I have to say.’ 

Cabrini Health

‘Very engaging and enjoyable session. Videos, role plays, pictures and family experiences make everything feel more real and relevant.’

Eye & Ear Hospital

‘Very informative. I hope all staff get the opportunity to have this training session.’

‘A really, really great session. So informative and interesting and really opened my eyes and enforced to me why patient centred care is so vital within health orgs.’ 

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