Tailored training topics

Here are some of the training topics we offer for consumer representatives.

Some of the training topics we can offer to consumer representatives:

  • Consumers’ own expectations about their role as consumer and carer representatives
  • Definitions, terminology, policy context, history of consumer participation
  • The evidence and rationale for consumer participation
  • Terminology:  ‘consumer nominee’, ‘consumer representation’, and ‘consumer perspective’
  • How to be an effective consumer or community representative
  • Consumer or community representatives on committees
  • Consumer engagement in the implementation of national quality and safety standards
  • Peer support
  • How to establish and manage a peer support group 
  • Consumer leadership
  • Presentation skills
  • Effective storytelling
  • Storytelling for quality improvement
  • Advocacy and types of advocacy
  • How the health system work
  • Health information and health literacy
  • Assessing written and online health information
  • Human rights-based approach to health care

If your consumer group is seeking tailored training, we invite you to come talk to us about designing a tailored program customised to their needs.

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