Tailored training topics

Here are some of the training topics we offer to staff working in health.

We cover a broad range of consumer-related themes, including topics like:

  • What do we understand by ‘consumer’, ‘engagement’ and ‘participation’ 
  • Consumer engagement background: rationale, definitions and policy context
  • Implementing Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care Standard 2: Partnering with consumers
  • The role of consumers in implementing Standard 2
  • Patient centred care
  • Health information and health literacy
  • Human rights-based approach to healthcare
  • Methods of consultation and consumer engagement
  • Engaging ‘hard to reach’ community groups
  • Working with consumers on committees

What have past clients said about our tailored training?

"Consumer participation doesn’t just mean consumers on committees. There are many ways to achieve this end." (Staff member participant, October 2015)

"Discussion on processes sparked discussions on what our organisation does  and does not yet do in this area." (Staff member participant, October 2015)

"Being able to listen to consumer’s experiences and varied challenges that they may feel, when being an advocate." (Staff participant, June 2015)

"Lots of issues to take back to my service for discussion and improvement." (Staff participant, June 2015)

"The session provided a framework for thinking about consumer representation and advocacy." (Consumer participant, October 2015)

"Thank you for this opportunity to learn more about advocacy – it will be put to good use." (Consumer participant, November 2015)

"This forum was one of the best attended and well run forums on this subject that I have attended." (Consumer participant, September 2015)

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Here is a list of projects that we are currently working on with consumers and health organisations.

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