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Queensland University of Technology (QUT) is currently working on a project entitled – Enhancing community knowledge and engagement with law at the end of life. The project aims to explore how and if community members understand and act upon their legal right to participate in decisions about their medical treatment or that of their loved ones, at the end of life.

See Participant Information Sheet for more details. 

How can I get involved?

The research team is seeking interviews with Victorian consumers and carers. Participation involves taking part in a face to face, telephone or Skype interview (about an hour) at a time and location that is convenient for you.

Am I eligible?

Are you:

  • An adult patient with terminal cancer who is involved in your own medical decision-making?
  • An adult family member of an adult with terminal cancer who has witnessed or been involved in medical decision-making?

If you answer yes to either of these questions, your participation in this study would be much appreciated.


There will be no payment for participation in the study. However, you will be reimbursed either parking or taxi fare to participate in this study.

Ethics approval

This research has been approved by the QUT University Human Research Ethics Committee, The University of Queensland Behavioural & Social Sciences Ethical Review Committee and the Cancer Council Victoria Human Research Ethics Committee

To minimise any possible distress caused by talking about advanced cancer and end of life, information on how to access counselling services will be offered.

I'm interested, who do I contact?

Please contact Dr Rachel Feeney, QUT at rachel.feeney@qut.edu.au or call (07) 3365 2505.

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