Feedback and complaints

Have you or a family member experienced unsatisfactory health care? There are a number of ways you can provide feedback or lodge a complaint.

Where to start

The first place to begin is locally, expressing a concern with the health service where the care was received. If the complaint is resolved here, this is often the most satisfactory experience for consumers and their loved ones.

If the issue is not adequately resolved, consumers have a right to pursue resolution of their complaint through their independent, state-based health care complaints authority. In Victoria, it is the Health Complaints Commissioner. These bodies offer an impartial process focused on the consumer experience.

There is also a national body which receives complaints (called ‘notifications’), which is the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). Notifications can be made to AHPRA only concerning a registered health professional on issues of unprofessional conduct, health impairment or professional performance.

The most appropriate organisation will depend on the nature of your complaint and what you hope to get from your complaint. For example, if you are looking for an explanation about what happened, or an apology or compensation, the Health Complaints Commissioner deals with such matters.

AHPRA deals with serious issues of unprofessional conduct or performance.  If you are in doubt, the best way is to discuss this with staff from the Health Complaints Commissioner.

In mid-2014, the Office of the Mental Health Complaints Commissioner was established in Victoria to receive complaints about mental health services across the state.

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