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Health Issues Centre Staff Update

Health Issues Centre is excited to welcome Belinda MacLeod-Smith and Zoe Austin-Crow to the staff.

Belinda is our new Consumer Representative Liaison and will oversee the recruitment, induction, mentoring, support and evaluation of consumer placements in a new program launching soon.

Zoe is joining us on secondment from NDIS, and will be working as a Senior Policy Advisor and Project Manager across a range of Health Issues Centre programs.

Belinda has previously filled the position of Consumer Consultant and Western Health and has a strong record in consumer participation roles. She also brings a wealth of professional communications consultancy knowledge, both in commercial and government employment.

Zoe’s career has included work in policy, project management and as a clinician, covering health, disability and international development. She also has extensive experience in the policy areas of advance care planning, chronic disease, care coordination and residential aged care.

We look forward to working with both Belinda and Zoe in 2018.

Published 31 January 2018 by

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