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Published 09 November 2015 by Nicky Barry

New flu protections in 2016

Vulnerable Australians will get free access to even stronger protections against the flu in 2016 following another record number of reported cases in 2015.

Minister for Health Sussan Ley said the Turnbull Government would upgrade the Government’s National Immunisation Program (NIP) to include a new influenza vaccine for 2016 that will cover four flu strains – up from three in 2015. 

What is the National Immunisation Program (NIP)?

The NIP is designed to protect those population groups most at risk. This includes people aged over 65, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who are aged younger than five and older than 15 years, pregnant women, and people with certain medical conditions.

The Australian Government revises the composition of its influenza vaccinations available on the National Immunisation Program prior to every flu season taking into account World Health Organisation recommendations. 

How will the vaccine be different in 2016? 

The new flu vaccine would include the Brisbane and Phuket strains of the influenza virus, which contributed to the record 90,000 reported flu cases in Australia in 2015 – 25,000 higher than the previous record of 65,000 cases reported last year. 

To find out more about this vaccine for 2016, please visit www.health.gov.au.

Published 09 November 2015 by Nicky Barry

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